Support or Sponsor

Wheelchair wheel spoke guards shall be used as a visual advert as I travel

Support, sponsor or donate to my ‘Travelling the world – unable to walk’ The extension of my adventure.

The extension of my travels shall be highly publicized. I can offer you and your company numerous advertising / marketing opportunities Sponsor me and my future travel with financial contributions, provide flights, accommodation or other travel essentials.

Are you able to support me by providing flights, transport, accommodation (hotels), tours or trips, travel essentials or anything else that you think I may need for my future travel.

I now require full physical assistance which is provided by my carer/travel partner.

Companies and products shall be promoted through visual awareness, this will be a form of advertising through huge  media interest of a highly inspirational traveller.

Items I carry, use or wear, shall be visually promoting your company or brand

Wheelchair wheel spoke guards shall advertise supporting companies – see below


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